Know Your Tenant Rights

We are here to fight with you. When you fight, we all win.

What you can do to fight back:  

  • Fight your eviction!!! Are you being evicted? Read our pamphlet about how to fight your eviction in English and Spanish (printable versions here and here). Find a lawyer at or by calling 718-557-1379. Having a lawyer helps fight evictions.  In one year of RTC, 84% of tenants who had a lawyer stayed in their home. Here are the facts about the impact of RTC; find out more on our website,

  • Organize a tenants’ association!  Contact a tenant organizing group near you. Organizing can block evictions that lawyers can’t and it can also win other demands you and your neighbors might have. To find an organizing group, go to

  • Spread the word! Make sure all of your neighbors know about the right to counsel so they don’t move out.  Every time your neighbor moves out, your landlord gains power. You can find fliers and fact sheets about RTC here.  

  • Research your landlord.  To find out more about your landlord and your building, go to  

  • Learn your rights! Tenants fought fiercely for decades for the rights we have today. Pair your organizing with knowledge of your rights as tenants and as a tenants' association.

  • Join the Movement! While the legal system allows for evictions to happen, all evictions are violent and unjust. We need better solutions to deal with the housing crisis. The RTCNYC Coalition also has an eviction defense network, using direct action and mobilization to fight evictions, as well as fighting for stronger and better laws to protect tenants. Email us to get involved: