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Worst Evictors Map

About This Map

While this map shows us where our top 20 worst evictors filed cases against their tenants, court data reveals that the displacement crisis we face is far worse. Currently, more than 225,000 tenants across New York State are on the brink of eviction.

Evictions are inhumane, unjust, and violent – and are rooted in long histories of economic, gender, and racial injustice. Evictions are about power, and for many of the landlords on this map, evictions are an integral part of their business model. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the fear, threat, and devastating impacts that evictions have on our neighborhoods, homes, and families. 

Much of the New York housing stock is now owned by large corporate landlords, many of them predatory real estate companies seeking to make a quick buck by flipping buildings. To corporations, an eviction can be a means to replace a rent-stabilized family with five market-rate roommates, jacking up profits. To families, an eviction can mean losing a home, a community, a job, a school, a safety net.

When we see empty glass condo towers towering over our city while hundreds of thousands of families face losing their homes in the midst of a global pandemic, we ask ourselves: Who are we building the city for and how? And what kind of city do we want actually to live in?

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This map is brought to you by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a data visualization, mapping, and storytelling collective documenting gentrification in NYC, SF, and LA.