New York is Facing an Eviction Crisis

This website brings transparency to evictions, the landlords who benefit, and what you can do to fight back. We are here to fight with you. When you fight, we all win.

Right to Counsel and the Fight against Evictions

Right to Counsel (RTC) is a law passed in New York City in 2017, giving tenants the right to an attorney in housing court. It will be fully in effect by 2022, and is currently being phased in by neighborhoods.

After two years of RTC, evictions are down, landlords are suing people less, and almost everyone who had an attorney through RTC stayed in their homes. We are also seeing tenants across the city fight landlord abuse, with bold actions like rent strikes, because they know RTC will protect them if the landlord retaliates.

While RTC is powerful, evictions are always terrifying and traumatic, and many tenants choose to move out instead of to fight their case. Landlords know this and sue thousands of people betting on tenants' fear. We shouldn't let them.

We created the Worst Evictors List as a call to action. We want tenants who have this new right to know about it, use it, and fight to stay!

If your landlord isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean they’re not evicting people. To see the full picture of evictions citywide, see the citywide map. If RTC isn't in effect where you live, that doesn't mean you don’t have rights. You have a LOT of rights—organize to protect and defend them. RTC is only in certain zip codes right now as a way to phase it in. We are also working on a campaign to expand and strengthen the current law. To get involved with this work, join our Right to Counsel, Power to Organize campaign!

Tenants: Stand up, organize and fight back! We are here to fight with you. When you fight, we all win.

Eviction Free NY

Send a hardship declaration form to your landlord and local courts— putting your eviction case on hold until January 15th, 2022.

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Know Your Rights

Tenants fought fiercely for decades for the rights we have today. Learn your rights, get involved and organize!